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Leveraging LiDAR Technology for Advanced Safety and Efficiency Solutions

Custom built Softwares to give us the edge

Key Features

Customizable Alert Generation

Tailor alerts to your specific safety protocols. From detecting unauthorized personnel in restricted areas to warning about approaching vehicles or equipment, our software lets you define and customize alerts that matter most to your operation.

Real-time Feedback

Receive instant feedback on potential safety risks. Our software processes lidar data in real-time, ensuring that workers and supervisors are promptly informed about potential hazards




Manufacturer-Agnostic Compatibility

Our Lidar Perception Software seamlessly integrates with lidar sensors from various manufacturers, providing you the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits your needs.



Custom Hardware Integration

We understand that every workplace is unique. Our solution seamlessly integrates with custom hardware, allowing you to connect sirens, haptic buzzers, and other alert systems to provide immediate and unmistakable warnings to workers on the ground.

Adaptive Safety Solutions

Whether you are managing a bustling construction site or a high-traffic industrial facility, our Lidar Perception Software adapts to your environment. It identifies and alerts to changes in real-time, contributing to a safer workplace for everyone.


User-Friendly Interface

Easily manage and monitor safety protocols through our intuitive user interface. Access real-time data, customize alerts, and review historical information to enhance your safety management strategies.




Fully integrated Hardware


The LiDAR component of our solution operates on cutting-edge technology, emitting laser beams to measure distances with unparalleled accuracy. It serves as the cornerstone for real-time object detection and monitoring in temporary traffic management scenarios. The rapid scanning capabilities create detailed 3D maps, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the traffic environment.


The Alarm system is a crucial element designed to provide instantaneous alerts in response to detected events. From vehicle breaches to pedestrians entering restricted zones, our Alarm system ensures that relevant stakeholders receive immediate notifications. The haptic feedback mechanism guarantees instant and noticeable alerts, contributing to heightened situational awareness and faster response times.


Our solution boasts a compact yet powerful IOT Hub that serves as the processing hub. Despite its small form factor, it packs the computational power needed to handle real-time data from LiDAR, Harness Sensor, and other components. This IOT Hub ensures that the system operates seamlessly, providing a robust foundation for effective traffic management.



How it works

Data Acquisition

Lidar sensors capture detailed environmental data, ensuring accurate perception in various conditions.

Real-time Processing

Our software processes lidar data in real-time, identifying potential safety risks and generating alerts.

Alert Customization

Customize alerts based on your safety protocols and specific environmental requirements.

Hardware Integration

Connect our solution to custom hardware for on-the-ground alerts, ensuring swift responses to potential hazards.

User Interface

Access the user-friendly interface to monitor and manage safety protocols, review historical data, and make informed decisions.