Transforming Mobility and Safety with AI-Based LiDAR Solutions

Empowering Smart Cities, Enhancing Traffic Management, Ensuring Road Safety

About Alamance AI

Alamance AI, where innovation meets safety in the realm of mobility infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art AI-based LiDAR solutions redefine the landscape of smart cities, asset management, and road safety.

Experience the future of safety & efficiency

Smart City Integration

Elevate urban living with Alamance AI. Monitor traffic, optimize public transport, and enhance city infrastructure for a smarter, more efficient future.

Traffic and Asset Management

Effortlessly manage traffic and assets. Get real-time insights, predictive analytics, and automated alerts for optimal resource allocation and reduced congestion.

Road Safety Solutions

Prioritize safety with Alamance AI. Identify hazards, monitor drivers, and implement proactive measures for safer journeys on the road.

Construction Worker Safety

Build the future safely. Alamance AI ensures real-time monitoring, detects dangers, and enables quick responses for secure construction sites.

Applications of our Lidar Tech

Discover the transformation in transportation infrastructure, insights for urban planning, and advanced safety analytics that our Lidar technology brings to the forefront.

Disaster Response & Management

Facilitate rapid disaster response by using Lidar for assessing and mapping affected areas, aiding in efficient disaster management.


Empowering detailed environmental mapping & precise wildlife monitoring for effective biodiversity preservation & sustainable resource management.

Industrial Facilities Planning

Assist in the planning and maintenance of industrial facilities by providing detailed spatial data for layout optimization and safety planning.

Mining and Quarrying

Optimize resource extraction processes by using LiDAR for volumetric calculations, terrain modeling, and monitoring mining activities.

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