AI Powered Road Transportation​

Our products are built to capture, process and deliver structured insights, capturing rich data from various channels of information. We ingest data from any integrated hardware & software systems that capture, process & analyse multi-channel sensor data to deliver structured insights.

Our Solutions

Alamance is the industry-first technology that automatically captures high-accuracy imagery and LiDAR data from in-service roads using novel, cost-effective and miniaturised sensors to automate large volumes of data processing using world class machine learning technologies. Alamance enables road transport Asset managers to automate inspections and surveys across entire networks in near real-time.

Total kilometres managed
0 K
Total kilometres scanned
100 K
Days in the road corridor saved
100 K

Why Alamance

Alamance’s asset inspection solutions are designed to help road owners and operators make effective, efficient use of their assets. Our technology is built specifically for these industries, with the ability to accommodate a wide range of asset types. Using our infrastructure-based inspection platform and software solutions, Alamance offers roads a new and improved method for inspecting and managing their network assets.

Increase revenue traffic

Utilises existing road vehicles

Better compliance

Enables more frequent inspections

Improved safety

Reduces workers on track

Cuts costs and carbon

Helps with cost-effective and environmentally sustainable growth of roads

Video Analysis View

The Video Analysis View allows users to see a video and graphs relating to that area in their network side by side.

Stream from within the browser

No need to deal with video files on your computer. The videos are streamed through the web

Stream from within the browser

No need to deal with video files on your computer. The videos are streamed through the web

Compare historical videos

Switch between multiple videos recorded in the same section to see changes over time

Automating Network-Wide Infringements & Clearance Surveys​

Infringement surveys for any network are costly, time consuming and generally require access to the road corridor. Alamance enables a solution to deploy a safer, more technology-driven inspection solution across any national road network.

Automating Track Patrol

The network of corridors which exist across our majorly populated area is a constantly moving target. It is costly, dangerous, and prone to human error. Alamance has collaborated with hardware partners to provide an alternative program which can work across any roading network.

Alamance provides world-leading automated infrastructure inspection solutions

Alamance automates inspections and surveys across entire road networks. This enables operators to complete inspections faster and safer, and drastically reduces the cost of asset inspections.